Hybrid Auto Repair


From the Toyota Prius, to the Nissan Leaf, to the Chevy Volt, hybrid and electric vehicles are here to stay. If you have one then you know the benefits when it comes to gas mileage, or environmental impact. What you may not know is that service on a hybrid car is just as important if not more important than traditional vehicles.


Every car throughout it's life needs maintenance. Hybrid vehicles are no exception and they require special skills and training to ensure proper repair without negative affect on any of the complex electrical components. Even companies such as Porsche and Audi are creating hybrid vehicles to meet the needs of consumers looking to have the best of both worlds.


At Monroe Foreign Auto Repair our technicians have the training and know-how to service hybrid automobiles. Being around since 1983 we have years of experience providing maintenance for hybrid vehicles, starting with our first hybrid's serviced in the early 90's. At Monroe Foreign Auto repair we will service or repair your hybrid vehicle professionally to manufacturer standards.