4 Little-Known Tips to Keep Your A/C Working All Summer Long

Summer A/C tipsWith the start of summer in the Pacific Northwest comes the ever-popular air conditioning season. Sometimes, though, you may find that your A/C isn’t working properly due to months of dormancy. Unfortunately, this can quickly turn your car into a sauna and make your passengers melt. Here’s a few A/C tips to make sure your air conditioning works properly from the start.

A/C Tip #1: Raise the A/C to the Max Setting

By turning the A/C to its highest setting, a greater volume of air will be pushed into the cabin, helping to cycle hot air out of the car and replacing it with cold air. You can adjust the volume to your desired setting after about one minute. If your car happens to be newer, with automated temperature control, do the opposite of above. Set the A/C to the lowest setting and then proceed to raise it to a comfortable setting.

A/C Tip #2: Run the A/C Weekly

Even in the colder months, we recommend making it a habit to run the AC at least once a week. This allows the refrigerant to circulate, which lubricates the A/C by conditioning the seals, lines and valves.

A/C Tip #3: Roll Your Windows Down

Keeping the windows cracked open an inch or two while parked will ensure a bit of air circulation. When you start the engine, roll every window down completely for a minute. This will quickly shuttle warm air out of the cabin, and it means the interior will be cooled more swiftly once the A/C is turned on.

A/C Tip #4: Use the Defrost Setting

If the smell of dirty socks is coming through the vents when you turn on the A/C, a dirty cabin air filter is probably to blame. We recommend running the A/C on “Defrost” for a few minutes, while also switching back and forth between your vehicle A/C’s maximum and normal settings. If this doesn’t work, it’s time for a tune-up from Monroe Foreign Auto Repair.

If these air conditioning tricks didn’t get your A/C functioning, Monroe Foreign Auto Repair can help. A routine vehicle servicing can determine if there are any repairs necessary. With excellent customer satisfaction and a AAA Top Shop Award the last six years in a row, you can rest assured your foreign vehicle will be in good hands with our ASE-Certified technicians. Give us a call or email us today, and don’t forget to check out our special online offers!

 Helpful A/C Tips for Your Vehicle This Summer

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