4 Signs of a Failing Clutch

Failing clutchMost cars these days no longer have a manual shifting option. That’s a bummer for those who consider stick shift operation “real driving.” If you’re among the minority that still drives a stick shift, can you tell if the clutch is acting up? A failing clutch is a serious issue and needs to be looked at right away by an auto repair service.

Symptoms of a Failing Clutch

1. Transmission Slips Out of Gear

The stick may occasionally slip out of gear and fall back into neutral. This typically occurs during acceleration and under heavy loads. Low transmission fluid or a broken gear linkage are only two possible reasons a transmission might slip out of gear. There are several others.

2. Stiff Clutch Pedal

The clutch pedal may resist when depressed. A stuck or jammed cable is usually the cause. Continuing to forcibly press down on the clutch may cause the cable to break, rendering the entire clutch assembly inoperable.

3. Sinking Clutch Pedal

If the clutch pedal sinks to the floor or easily sinks with little pressure, then the cable has likely snapped. This will prevent you from shifting into gear, making the car undrivable.

4. Noise and Jerking

Audible noise from stepping on the clutch is an indication of premature wear. This is especially the case if the noise is accompanied by a jerking motion. This is often caused by oil contamination on the clutch facing. The contamination may come from the engine oil, oil from the transmission input shaft, or oil from the seal on the main crankshaft.

Remedy Your Failing Clutch ASAP

A clutch abnormally behaving is not to be taken lightly. Bring your car to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair for immediate auto servicing. We can diagnose and fix a failing clutch for both gasoline and hybrid vehicles.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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