Normal Service Vs Severe Service: What’s the Difference?

Severe serviceEvery car model requires basic auto servicing at regular intervals; hence the typical 30k-mile maintenance. However, the frequency of the checkups varies depending on the model, year, and whether you subject the vehicle to normal or severe use. What is the difference between normal service and severe service? These are two terms you will hear a lot in auto circles.

Normal Service and Severe Service Explained

Your vehicle’s user manual may outline two different service schedules: one for normal service and another for severe service. Your vehicle will require more frequent servicing if it falls into the latter category.

So, what exactly constitutes severe car use? Your vehicle will generally require severe servicing if it undergoes any of the following:

  • Frequent operation under extreme hot or cold weather (generally not a factor in the Monroe area)
  • Frequent trips under four miles
  • Frequent stop and go driving with extended periods of idling, especially in hot and humid conditions
  • Extensive use of the brakes
  • Frequent operation in sandy areas or on salted roads
  • Regular driving in mountainous or bumpy terrain

If your car doesn’t frequently undergo any of the above, then it would be classified under normal use conditions. If you’re not sure which category your car falls under, then have it looked at by an auto repair service.

The common 30k-mile servicing generally pertains to normal use. However, check with your user manual to determine exact maintenance intervals.

Normal or Severe Use, Bring Your Vehicle to Us

Regardless of use, your car will eventually need to be serviced. Bring your vehicle to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair when it’s due for servicing. We do checkups for both traditional and hybrid models. It’s important that you know whether your car requires normal servicing or severe servicing to ensure it gets the appropriate tune-up.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

30K-Mile Servicing for Normal and Severe Car Use

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