What Exactly Is a Fluid Flush?

fluid flushIt’s not unusual for customers to give us a blank stare when we tell them a particular fluid requires flushing. Most people assume it just means a fluid replacement. In some cases, this is exactly what it entails, though it may also mean a more extensive process to flush out built-up impurities. We’ll go over the types of fluid flushes and why you might need them.

What Goes on in a Fluid Flush?

In a fluid flush, we completely drain the fluid. Before refilling the system with new fluid, we rinse it out using a mixture of water and specialized cleaner. This helps remove sediment, grime, and sludge that accumulated over the passage of time. This way, no impurities remain when we add new fluid.

Types of Fluid Flushes

Our auto service will determine whether your vehicle requires a specific flush. We often do this as part of a routine 30k/60k/90k service. Common flushes include the following:

Transmission fluid flush

Transmission flushes should occur about every 35,000 miles or whatever interval the user manual indicates.

Radiator Fluid Flush

Cars manufactured 2011 and after do not require frequent flushes. They use a newer coolant that can withstand higher temperatures and resist corrosion. The user manual determines when a flush is necessary. For older cars, they recommend a flush roughly every two years.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

This is usually only necessary if the oil has a burning smell or if metal flakes and black grits are found in the fluid. An auto repair service will determine if the fluid is due for a change.

Fuel System Flush

This is required about every 35,000 miles. Be wary of quick-lube stations that recommend a flush every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

We Perform Fluid Flushes for All Car Makes and Models

Schedule an appointment with Monroe Foreign Auto Repair for a checkup of your car’s various fluids. If you have a hybrid, remember that these vehicles also require fluid flushes.

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Fluid Flushes for Your Petrol, Diesel, or Hybrid Car

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