Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt Auto Parts What’s the Difference?

remanufactured vs. rebuiltIt’s not unusual for car owners to choose used replacement parts to save money. Used car parts are either remanufactured or rebuilt. These two terms are often used interchangeably, even though they denote slightly different realities. We explain the difference here, so you can make an educated decision the next time you need an auto repair.


A remanufactured part is completely disassembled, examined for breakage, and thoroughly cleaned. Any damaged component is replaced with a new or rebuilt part. All replacements are checked for dimensional tolerance. The part is then reassembled and tested to ensure it meets specifications.

Some manufacturers also use the term factory remanufactured or factory authorized remanufactured. This simply means any replaced components are from the original manufacturer. In some cases, the remanufactured parts may even be an improvement due to technology advancements since the release of the original part.


A rebuilt part is reused as long as it meets the manufacturer’s wear limits. Usually, some components are replaced, and the final product may be considered acceptable but certainly not brand new.

The Difference?

As you can see, the definitions are quite similar. Even the Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Association has defined the terms as relatively the same concept. Some auto services, however, define remanufacturing as a final product that is indistinguishable in quality from a brand-new part.

In terms of similarity, both are eco-friendly solutions. Energy and resources are required to produce new parts. Opting for remanufactured or rebuilt parts helps cut back on air pollution, not to mention it saves you several dollars.

We Provide New, Remanufactured, and Rebuilt Parts

Bring your car on over to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair if it requires servicing. We provide replacement parts for petrol, diesel, and hybrid vehicles. Whether you opt for remanufactured or rebuilt parts, you will always know what you’re receiving.

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