Is Your Brake Pedal Sinking to the Floor?

Brake Pedal Sinks to FloorThe brakes are one of the most vital car components. If it’s faulty in any way, then make haste to get to an auto repair center; your safety depends on it. Some motorists have reported their brake pedal sinking to the floor while the car is in operation. We’ll explain why this happens and why it’s a serious problem.

What’s Going on with Your Brakes?

People often report the brakes sinking to the floor during these types of commuting scenarios:

· The brakes gradually sink to the floor while at a traffic light, but returns back to the original position once the car is back in motion.

· The brakes sink while trying to hold the car in place in a road incline, forcing the driver to use the parking brake.

· The brakes sink after making a sharp turn. The vehicle may also make a humming noise prior to making the turn.

In the first two scenarios, the cause is most likely due to a faulty brake master cylinder. If the brake warning light doesn’t come on and you see no visible signs of a brake fluid leak, then 99% of the time you have a master cylinder that is either worn or leaking internally. In the third scenario, you likely have worn wheel bearings.

If the brake warning light does come on, then you likely have a brake fluid leak in the brake line, brake caliper, hose, or wheel cylinder. Regardless of the cause, you need to bring your car to an auto service ASAP.

We Diagnose and Repair Brakes Sinking to the Floor

We can’t stress enough the seriousness of a compromised brake. This goes for all car models, including hybrids. Bring your car to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair immediately if the brake sinks to the floor, even if the pedal seemingly returns to normal afterwards.
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