Why You Need a Used Car Inspection Before Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

used car inspectionBuying a pre-owned car? Many people turn to a private seller in hopes of negotiating a better deal. However, if you go this route, you need to diligently do your homework on the car. The inventory at a used car dealership usually comes with an official car report from a company like Carfax or AutoCheck. You may not have this luxury with a private seller. This is why we recommend a used car inspection at an auto repair station.

Why Is a Used Car Inspection So Important?

We believe a used car inspection is especially important with the recent natural disasters that befell Houston and Florida. Both of these incidents resulted in massive flooding that damaged thousands of properties, including cars.

Unscrupulous car owners might attempt to remove traces of water damage and sell the vehicle to unsuspecting buyers. The seller simply retitles and relocates the car to another state. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a number of flood-ravaged cars might make their way to the Monroe area.

On the surface, the car may appear fine and even perform okay in a test drive, but hidden damage will soon manifest. Water can eat away at the metal, electronics, and upholstery, and cause rust to engine parts. The car also becomes susceptible to mold. These issues may not manifest until several days or weeks after the water damage.

Our advice? Don’t buy from a private seller unless he/she agrees to a vehicle inspection. This goes for all vehicle types, from foreign models to hybrid cars.

We Inspect All Vehicles

We understand the appeal of buying from a private seller. However, please exercise caution and ask the seller to bring the vehicle to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair. An auto service can perform a used car inspection and locate traces of flood damage.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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