Why Car Trunk Cat Litter Is A Good Idea

car trunk cat litterAuto service blogs often list kitty litter as an essential item that belongs in your car emergency kit. How does having car trunk cat litter help you? We’ll explain the situations where this nifty item comes in handy. Most of the applications apply to wet roads, which we can expect more of in the fall season.

How Cat Litter Helps Your Car

1. Cat Litter Provides Traction

If your car becomes stuck in snow or a slick road, use cat litter to gain traction. Pour some around the tires to give them some grip. We recommend using the non-clumping variety for best results.

2. Cat Litter Balances Your Car

Cat litter is similar in weight to a large bag of canine kibble. Having this in your trunk provides some counterweight on a front-heavy car. The weight balance helps keep the vehicle in control on slippery roads.

3. Stop Window Fogging

Foggy windows are common in the winter but can also occur as early as fall. Prevent this with a simple life-hack trick. Fill a sock with cat litter and let it sit on the dashboard overnight. This will absorb some of the moisture and prevent the windows from becoming foggy. We recommend using litter with silica crystals for best results.

What Cat Litter Does NOT Do

Cat litter, however, does not melt ice. The Web is filled with false DIY hacks about how cat litter works as an ice melt for your driveway. Litter, though, does absorb moisture from the ice, making the ground less slippery.

Bring Your Car in This Fall

Bring your car to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair for a fall inspection. Auto repairs include a complete run-through, from a tire check to a transmission diagnosis, and covers hybrid vehicles as well. Car trunk cat litter is one of those oddball hacks that can really bail you out in a jam.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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