Does Your Have Tire Flat Spots?

tire flat spotsDo you feel a vibration or bounce when pulling out of the driveway? This can be attributed to a number of issues. Flat spots on the tires is one possible cause. If the car has been sitting in the garage for a few days, then more than likely tire flat spots are the culprit.

What Are Tire Flat Spots?

Tire flat spots occur when tires remain stationary for a prolonged period. The part of the tire in contact with the floor flattens out slightly. It doesn’t immediately return to its original round shape when you set the car in motion. This causes the bounce and uneven feel.

Tires are more prone to flat spots during cold weather. Be mindful of this now that winter is around the corner.

Certain tires are also more prone to this occurrence. This includes low-profile tires with short sidewalls and an “H” or higher speed rating. Tires for high-performance muscle cars are also vulnerable.

Are Tire Flat Spots a Cause for Concern?

Typically, no. Flat spots usually return to their original shape and don’t create permanent tire damage. In severe cases, the tires never return to their original form. This is more likely to happen if the car has been sitting for several weeks under cold temperatures. An auto service can determine the severity of a flat spot.

Prevention is simple: drive the car around the block every few days. A more extreme approach is to jack the car to raise it off the floor. While a hassle, this approach prevents possibly having to shell out the cost for a new set of tires.

We’ll Diagnose Your Tires

Bring your car to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair if it has flat spots that persist. Our auto repair team can check whether any permanent damage ocurred. Tire flat spots can occur on any vehicle, including hybrid cars and off-roaders.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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