Three Driving Behaviors That Cause Manual Transmission Damage

manual transmission damageStick shift driving is almost a lost art. Be proud if you can operate a manual transmission vehicle. Even so, you may be driving in a way that is damaging the car. We’ll list some common driving behaviors that cause manual transmission damage. You are probably doing these behaviors without even realizing it.

These Habits May Be Causing Manual Transmission Damage

1. Resting Your Hand on the Shifter

Don’t use the shifter as a hand rest. Why is this bad? Manual transmissions have what is known as a selector fork. When you rest a hand on the shifter, this pushes the selector fork against the rotating collar. In turn, this presses the collar against the gears. This creates rubbing and friction, leading to premature wear.

2. Leaving Car in Gear at Stoplight

When the car is stationary, put it in neutral with your foot off the clutch. Keeping the car in gear and pressing down on the clutch places undue stress on the throwout bearing. This is the component that disengages the engine from the transmission during a gear shift. Auto repairs on a damaged manual transmission more often than not entail a worn throwout bearing.

3. Using the Clutch to Prevent Rollback on a Hill

Drivers tend to apply back-and-forth clutch and gas pedal pressure to prevent the car from rolling back on a hill. When you do this, the car’s clutch disc rubs against the pressure plates, wearing out the disc’s friction material. When on a hill, just press down on the brake. The brake hold will keep the car in place.

We Perform Manual Transmission Repairs

Do you drive a stick shift? Bring the car to Monroe Foreign Auto Repair for routine auto servicing. The behaviors that cause manual transmission damage apply to all car types, including four wheelers and hybrid vehicles.

Manual Transmission Car Maintenance

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