Three Driving Behaviors That Cause Manual Transmission Damage

manual transmission damageStick shift driving is almost a lost art. Be proud if you can operate a manual transmission vehicle. Even so, you may be driving in a way that is damaging the car. We’ll list some common driving behaviors that cause manual transmission damage. You are probably doing these behaviors without even realizing it.

These Habits May Be Causing Manual Transmission Damage

1. Resting Your Hand on the Shifter

Don’t use the shifter as a hand rest. Why is this bad? Manual transmissions have what is known as a selector fork. When you rest a hand on the shifter, this pushes the selector fork against the rotating collar. In turn, this presses the collar against the gears. This creates rubbing and friction, leading to premature wear. Continue Reading →

Why Is My Car Not Accelerating?

car not acceleratingIs your car taking forever to accelerate or not accelerating at all? Unfortunately, this can be due to a number of vehicle hiccups. We’ll go over the causes of cars not accelerating. In many cases, you will need to bring your car to an auto repair service to pinpoint the exact issue.

Common Causes of Cars Not Accelerating

1. Parking Brake

Your car may be perfectly alright; you just left the parking brake on. This is a common mistake, so quickly eye the brake to be sure you didn’t leave it on. Continue Reading →

Does Your Have Tire Flat Spots?

tire flat spotsDo you feel a vibration or bounce when pulling out of the driveway? This can be attributed to a number of issues. Flat spots on the tires is one possible cause. If the car has been sitting in the garage for a few days, then more than likely tire flat spots are the culprit.

What Are Tire Flat Spots?

Tire flat spots occur when tires remain stationary for a prolonged period. The part of the tire in contact with the floor flattens out slightly. It doesn’t immediately return to its original round shape when you set the car in motion. This causes the bounce and uneven feel.

Tires are more prone to flat spots during cold weather. Be mindful of this now that winter is around the corner. Continue Reading →

Less Common Summer Car Problems

summer car problemsMost motorists know that overheated engines and tire blowouts are more common in the summer. However, other car parts or systems are also susceptible to damage during the warm season. With hotter days looming ahead, we wanted to discuss the less common summer car problems, ones you might not be aware of. 

The Battery

The battery is more prone to failure in the summer than it is in the winter. Hotter temperatures can cause faster evaporation of fluids. In turn, this can also lead to corrosive damage. The non-profit group Car Care Council believes that summer heat poses a greater threat to the battery than cold winter weather. Let an auto service team check your battery for signs of fluid evaporation. Continue Reading →

Why Car Trunk Cat Litter Is A Good Idea

car trunk cat litterAuto service blogs often list kitty litter as an essential item that belongs in your car emergency kit. How does having car trunk cat litter help you? We’ll explain the situations where this nifty item comes in handy. Most of the applications apply to wet roads, which we can expect more of in the fall season.

How Cat Litter Helps Your Car

1. Cat Litter Provides Traction

If your car becomes stuck in snow or a slick road, use cat litter to gain traction. Pour some around the tires to give them some grip. We recommend using the non-clumping variety for best results.

2. Cat Litter Balances Your Car

Cat litter is similar in weight to a large bag of canine kibble. Having this in your trunk provides some counterweight on a front-heavy car. The weight balance helps keep the vehicle in control on slippery roads. Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Used Car Inspection Before Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

used car inspectionBuying a pre-owned car? Many people turn to a private seller in hopes of negotiating a better deal. However, if you go this route, you need to diligently do your homework on the car. The inventory at a used car dealership usually comes with an official car report from a company like Carfax or AutoCheck. You may not have this luxury with a private seller. This is why we recommend a used car inspection at an auto repair station.

Why Is a Used Car Inspection So Important?

We believe a used car inspection is especially important with the recent natural disasters that befell Houston and Florida. Both of these incidents resulted in massive flooding that damaged thousands of properties, including cars. Continue Reading →

The Truth About “Topping Off” the Gas Tank

topping off the gas tankSome car owners top off the gas tank to reduce the number of trips to the pump station. Topping off means to continue to add a bit more gasoline even after the nozzle automatically clicks off. By doing this, you fill the fuel tank beyond its fill line. This is actually a bad idea for both your car and the environment.

Why Topping Off the Gas Tank Is a Bad Idea

Most pump nozzles stop the fuel flow once the tank is sufficiently full. However, some car owners bypass this by repeatedly pulling the nozzle slightly back, or by lifting the nozzle out of the filler neck to keep the valve open.

Overfilling the tank causes some of the fuel to enter the carbon filter and charcoal canister, both of which are meant to only hold vapor. This eventually destroys the canister. Replacing this component can cost as much as $1,500 at an auto repair shop. Furthermore, gasoline in the canister leads to poorer fuel mileage and reduced engine performance. This goes for all vehicle makes and models, including hybrid cars. Continue Reading →

What Items Belong in a Car Emergency Kit?

Car Emergency KitYou may have heard of the saying: “It’s better to have an item and not need it than to need it and not have it.” This is very true with respect to a car emergency kit. These kits keep you safe when stranded or enable you to reach the nearest auto repair station in an emergency. We’ll go over the items you should include in a kit.

Items for a Car Emergency Kit

Most auto stores sell pre-packaged emergency kits. If you choose to put together your own, then here is a checklist of items. These include items you may not find in a store-bought kit. Continue Reading →

Is Your Brake Pedal Sinking to the Floor?

Brake Pedal Sinks to FloorThe brakes are one of the most vital car components. If it’s faulty in any way, then make haste to get to an auto repair center; your safety depends on it. Some motorists have reported their brake pedal sinking to the floor while the car is in operation. We’ll explain why this happens and why it’s a serious problem.

What’s Going on with Your Brakes?

People often report the brakes sinking to the floor during these types of commuting scenarios:

· The brakes gradually sink to the floor while at a traffic light, but returns back to the original position once the car is back in motion. Continue Reading →

Does Your Car Have Transmission Problems?

transmission problemsThe transmission consists of hundreds of interconnected parts that are constantly interacting with one another. The nonstop interaction and friction of moving parts cause heat buildup. Over time, this leads to transmission problems. We advise you to bring your car to an auto repair service if you notice any of these signs of a failing transmission.

Burning Smell

Transmission fluid keeps the transmission cool and lubricated. A burning smell may indicate a leak or low fluid levels.

Noisy Transmission in Neutral

Do you hear a bumping noise while the car is stationary and in neutral? The transmission may have worn bearings, worn gear teeth, damaged reverse idle gear, or a combination of all three. Continue Reading →